Applied Optronics has almost two decades of experience designing and manufacturing high performance laser diode packages for a wide variety of applications in the medical, telecom, military, and aerospace industries. With broad range of wavelength available in-house Applied Optronics offers a unique opportunity for the fast and cost-effective design and manufacturing high power laser application while maintaining the same high standards for quality and reliability.

High Power Multimode Laser Diodes manufactured by Applied Optronics has been designed to provide high power with outstanding reliability. Our lasers deliver the highest CW power at wavelengths from 12xx nm to 19xx nm (including Eye-Safe region). Applied Optronics laser design is based on proprietary multi-quantum well laser structure that provides exceptional brightness and power.

Laser diode power in Watts listed in tables below. Power represents lasers with 100 micron active windows. Multiple active windows sizes are available in stock: 85 um, 100, 180 microns.

APPLIED OPTORNICS offers many packaging options and typically have standard packages in stock. Comparison on basic packaged can be found here.

1210 5 W 5 W 1 W 2 W 4 W 4 W
1470 5 W 4 W 1 W 1.5 W 4 W 4 W
1530 5 W 4 W 1 W 1.5 W 3 W 3 W
1550 5 W 4 W 1 W 1.5 W 3 W 3 W
1710 1.5 W 1.5 W 0. W7 1.5 w 2 W 1.7 W
1907 1 w 1 W 0.5 W 1 W 1 W 0.5 w
1930 1 W 1 W 0.5 W 1 W 1 W 0.5 W