Applied Optronics high power laser diodes, multi-element laser diode modules, bars and stacked arrays are built to order to meet each customer’s individual requirements. All wavelengths from 635nm to 2000nm are available in the product categories listed below and all can be optimized or modified to meet customer requirements. Custom packages are also available.

Single emitter high power laser diodes

C-mounts, high heat loads, TO-3s, TO-5s, others
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Single emitter fiber-coupled high power laser diodes

High heat load, butterfly, and other packages.
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Single emitter pulsed high power laser diodes

TO-5, TO-18, TO-46, others; available in any wavelength
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Multi-element laser diode modules

High power diode lasers fiber-coupled, bundled together and terminated in an SMA for superior reliability.
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Conductively cooled, water cooled, fiber-coupled.
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Vertical and linear arrays, conductively or water cooled.
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