About Applied Optronics

Applied Optronics is a high power laser diode manufacturer of CW and pulsed laser diodes, multi-element laser diode modules, bars and stacked arrays. Over the years, Applied Optronics has gained extensive experience with every high power laser diode market.

Applied Optronics is a custom manufacturer that builds to order. We have expertise that extends beyond that of a stand-alone laser diode manufacturer, including the following:

  • Optical modeling and design
    • Collimation & alignment
    • Fiber coupling & combining
    • Wavelength stabilization
  • Electronics
  • System level engineering

This background and expertise enables Applied Optronics to work with our customers to ensure their needs are met and enables us to provide much greater value to our customer base, including designing and manufacturing sub-assemblies for customers’ systems.  If you have a need or a problem, we can help.